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Cornerstone functions as the function behind your function. We fulfill the needs you didn't even know you needed. We have the expertise to walk through the planning process whether you are seasoned or fresh to a new title. We foster the planning process and define the lists that will need to be checked off. We will do our homework beforehand, but we will also maintain open lines of communication to drill down and discover not only your vital message(s), but also the attendee behaviors you want to elicit post-event. The message and post-event behavior will guide every step of the production process.
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With your message and desired results at the forefront of our planning, we work with you to design an attendee experience that totally immerses them into your brand -- from their greeting at the Registration Desk to the final goodbyes at the Closing Session. We look at every touch point of your event through the lens of the attendee, making sure the communication of your message is meaningful and long lasting. Then, we utilize the latest technology in sound, lighting, and video to amplify your message and enhance the experience for meaningful impact and measurable results.
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Adobe Bash


From staging to design ... From A/V to signage ... From custom-branded environments to video production ... Cornerstone can handle ALL facets of your event. Our discovery and pre-event design will be meticulous; our on-site production will be seamless and flawless, communicating your message accurately and delivering a totally immersive experience for your brand.
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We have a full scenic department to design, cut, glue and screw anything you can dream up.
Every event we produce is given an Account Executive and a Technical Director on day one. These two individuals are your access points to every service within Cornerstone. They are who you call to get what you need. Change your status, you are now in a relationship.
EventLab is our in-house event team. They design and produce your live events, parties, and retail environments.
Creative is the very cornerstone of Cornerstone. It all begins here. Our largest team is our Creative team.
Video Production truck
When it comes to creating a truly immersive video environment for a special event, the challenge always seems to boil down to three specific areas: time, money and consistency. The Cornerstone video production truck is designed specifically to reset your expectations for delivering stunning, and impactful video images. It delivers a fully operational infrastructure in a fraction of the time. From normal installations, to saving set-up time and labor costs; the end result is the same: vibrant colors, exacting detail, and glorious high-definition. Whether you’re live streaming, broadcasting, or running a graphics-intensive media show, the Cornerstone production truck has you covered with the ultimate plug and play solution.
Technology Development
On its first day, Cornerstone was started as a technology company. Technology remains the bedrock of everything we offer our clients. From app development to programmed and automated shows and activations, We have a solution for your every need. We are tech junkies. We speak geek.
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