Vasa Studio Red Campaign

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9 days
a kickass video


Cornerstone and Cosmic Studios are the creative muscles behind these muscles!
Cosmic approached Cornerstone to create a bold and active set for the VASA STUDIO RED video. With only weeks to produce, Cosmic and Cornerstone had quite a workout making "big and creative" come to life. The Studio Red set was constructed at the Cornerstone Studio with special effort to create an expansive room without walls, a vacuum of space with the Studio Red message at its core. We created a forced perspective in that core where the Studio Red programs came to life. In the two days Cosmic filmed, we witnessed exceptionally healthy models workout at peak performance for extended periods of time on camera... It was exhausting... our muscles got sore watching them.

Noteworthy - VASA selected these fitness models from VASA's very own floor. These incredible athletes are everyday VASA members and we found it thoughtful that they chose to use their own to express the Studio Red message.

This Cosmic-Cornerstone collaboration was a force that totally worked out.

Cornerstone + Vasa + Cosmic Studios
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