Cornerstone Production Truck

Event Date
launched 08/15/2018
Project Timeline
2 years
full video glory

Cornerstone is a leader in creating new technologies in the event industry. We would like to introduce you to our newest disruption, the innovative back of house, Cornerstone Production Truck. This truck has every piece of equipment and technology needed to run even the most complex show. It pulls up curbside (valet style) and runs four fiber-optic cables directly into your venue. That's right, four cables. One, two, three, four; plug it in and BAM! Once your truss is flown you are show ready in 45 minutes. Rehearsals can begin now.

When it comes to creating a truly immersive video environment for a special event, the challenges always seem to boil down to three specific areas: time, money and consistency. The Cornerstone Video Production Truck is designed specifically to reset your expectations by delivering stunning, and impactful video images. It delivers a fully operational infrastructure a fraction of normal installation time; saving set-up time and labor costs. The end result is the same: vibrant colors, arduous detail, and glorious high-definition.

Whether you’re live streaming, broadcasting or running a graphics-intensive media show, the Cornerstone Production Truck has you covered with the ultimate plug-and-play solution.

truck marketing video
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inside of truck

For all you tech junkies looking for a deeper dive into what this truck contains, this video is for you. Enjoy.

truck fly through
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models in mask

Our marketing and creative teams were tasked to create a marketing video to sell this remarkable truck. At first glance this truck is just another 18 wheeler with some nice branding on the outside, but it is so much more than that! We wrote a simple script and storyboarded all the things this truck can do. We added some unusually good looking people, and voila! We created, produced and filmed this marketing piece in our studio. The models were fierce, and the stylists amazing (thank you Farasha Style).

Take a peek at the behind the scenes. Proof that work can be play.

behind the scenes
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