Silicon Slopes 2018

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8 months
largest tech conference

When it comes to producing an experience, the challenge is always creating something no one has ever witnessed before. Silicon Slopes and their massive growth in the tech sector was the perfect opportunity for a partnership with Cornerstone. We were there from the beginning and we have touched every part of this event since. From stage design and video development to hallway signage and interstitials, Cornerstone was there.

At the 2018 Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City, Cornerstone dominated the experiential space with help of a massive 21’ wide by 14’ tall, double-sided and “flown” LED wall. The LED was the perfect showcase for the vibrant, colorful and energetic visuals the company had on display.

Even as the concept of what constitutes experience evolves, clearly identifying your moment and branding it for visitors / prospective customers remains the goal. Cornerstone is adept at making your next pop-up environment impactful, accessible and a sterling showcase for your brand and products.

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