Silicon Slopes 2019

Event Date
01/31/2019- 02/01/2019
Project Timeline
11 months / 2 weeks
1 stage / 1 booth

We launched the SSTS19 with the TECH TYPE theme. Our creative process began by identifying all the tech types… from the coders, to the programmers, and the geek gurus, and we designed elements and messaging that spoke directly to the personalities of each tech type, to inspire and encourage each to promote and enhance their opportunity and the opportunity of others.

techtype copy

Laser cut holes in the metal skin allowed programmable lighting from behind to ebb and flow or flood the audience at moments of impact. CEO’s and executives from every unicorn tech giant walked the stage (and many upcoming baby unicorns as well). The vibe was electric and inspiring.

Silicon Slopes Event Highlight Video
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The conference was an exchange of information and opportunity within every corridor of this event. CEO’s purchased our event technologies and we discovered new technologies of our own. Cornerstone has been a creative partner with Silicon Slopes since its 2016 inception. Scroll down to discover our internal creative slides and that influenced the direction of the SSTS19 creative process. GO FORTH AND CREATE, says us.

It's not everyday that our video prowess plays in Times Square in NYC. The Nasdaq tower featured the ad we developed for Silicon Slopes.

Silicon Slopes + Times Square
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SSTS19 Opener
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