RootsTech 2020

Event Date
2/26 - 2/29/2020
Project Timeline
11 months / 2 weeks
GS- BOs- Expo- Activation

Whether we share it or not, we all have a story. A history. A struggle. A purpose. Our unique stories make us different and set us apart, but they also allow us to relate to others and make connections. Stories are an integral part of our history. This universal truth of storytelling was the guiding principle for a creative journey with Cornerstone’s longtime client, Rootstech.

'What's your Story?' Creative Concept Render

And just like all of us, events have stories too. The story of Rootstech and Cornerstone’s partnership is one nearly eight years in the making. This year was especially genuine as we set out to reach each attendee on a more personal level. Quite simply, we urged attendees to ‘share their stories’ with us. What we achieved was far more significant than we could have anticipated.

Hallway Signage

Rootstech remains the largest genealogy convention globally, with many attendees traveling from all corners of the globe to experience this grand occasion. An event of this magnitude requires a large event staff and more than a year's worth of creative design and preparation.

Entrance Signage

To help convey the history and stories of others, we utilized cutting edge technology. Within the mainstage, a massive 25’ x 14’ three-dimensional book was designed and constructed to support projection mapping. WE wowed attendees as the video mapped pages appeared to turn, quite literally leaping off the pages. As we turned through the pages of history, the stories of others came to life.


We carried this theme and message into the lobby of the convention center with a massive 35’ interactive journal installation. The enormous wall was plastered with blank journals to be filled with the stories and experiences of each attendee. Individuals were able to share their stories and read and relate to the thousands of stories written by others. By the last day, pages were choked-full of memories, narratives, and experiences. Breaking down this installation at the end of the conference was a respectful and somber moment for our team.

The story of Cornerstone’s live events is one that continues to be written; however, our commitment to producing immersive and transformative experiences is unwavering.

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