Porsche - The New 911 Launch Party

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1 Month
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For the launch party of the all-new 911 Porsche, our EventLab team dreamt up an immersive event space able to withstand the test of time. Our guiding passage throughout the entire design process- ‘keeping one foot in the past, while keeping one firmly in the future’.

Porsche- The New 911 Launch Party
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The classic 911 model is often referred to as a “timeless machine”; a perfect blend of classic design and innovation. Since its premiere in 1963, the model has been regarded by many as a true pop culture icon; something far from ephemeral.


To fully understand the impact of this car, we did our research, starting from the inception of the 'Mod Era' and way back to the arrival of the colored television, pocket-sized radios, and eight-track car stereos. You know… when “Beatlemania” was in full swing. Much of our design work was guided by research into the 1960s pop culture.


Like the 911 Porsche, events such as this are a balance of both the arts and science. The installation had to be both fast and timeless. With just two hours on-site, our team transformed a garage service bay into a lively mid-century era lounge. Guests enjoyed a blast from the past, which included mid-century furnishings, hors d’oeuvres, classic cocktails, live music and entertainment.


Time stopped as the 2020 model was revealed. We painted the showroom in light both overhead and below to heighten the overall aesthetic to make the event picture-perfect. Custom graphics of past models manifested the evolution in Porsche’s design. Attendees experienced all the luxury that the Porsche brand has to offer not just during the unveiling ceremony, but throughout the entire evening.

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