Cornerstone Booth SSTS 19

Event Date
Project Timeline
11 months / 2 weeks
4 booths

Explaining what we do here at Cornerstone is always a bit challenging and rather wordy. Instead of telling attendees at the 2019 Silicon Slopes Event how awesome we are, we wanted to show them. Luckily, visuals are just one of our many specialties. Just WATCH.

Booth Render #1

For the SSTS Cornerstone booth, we segmented our growing list of event services into four parts: EventLab- our gifted decor team, Creative- the innovative force, Production- the all-knowing, and Scenic Services- those that make us look good.

Booth Render #2

Guests were able to experience Cornerstone’s scenic services by stepping into two of our custom built photo-ops: a gravity-defying room and a 16’ LED animated wing wall. Thanks to our scenic team that worked tirelessly to ensure that these photo opportunities were photo ready, we were able to generate content from attendees; driving social media engagements for SSTS. #watchcornerstone

Cornerstone Booth

With a number of competing voices we stood out in the crowd by constructing a 24’ tall LED tower in the center of our booth. EventLab and our Creative team worked around the clock on the design of the booth to ensure both its form and function. Our booth came to life with the help our in house video team, which provided the visuals that animated and surrounded the overhead structures.


Unique to our industry, Cornerstone offered a virtual reality tour of the SSTS stage. A variety of tech types were able to walk through virtual renders of the stage prior to the opening of the show. In addition, for the first time ever, we opened the doors of our all-new production truck to the public.

Those attending the Tech Summit were able to speak with a variety of our representatives about their specific event needs. Whether that was florals, lighting, procuring entertainment or event branding etc.- everyone found what they were looking for and Cornerstone was happy to host tech types from all across the country.

Cornerstone Production Truck
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