Children's Hospitals Week 2019

Event Date
March 19-22, 2019
Project Timeline
4 Months
1 stage/ 5 activations

Cornerstone has been a partner with Children’s Miracle Network for fifteen years running. The four-month process of taking the foundations mission and activating it within a live event environment is something worth sharing. We have never experienced creative round tables as large or as inclusive as the CMN table. We often had 15 at the table. Not just fifteen full seats, these fifteen people laid ideas on the table, gave opinions, challenged ideas and enhanced the story. The collective effort was intense, rewarding and uber-successful upon activation.


The creative hive at Children's Miracle Network is driven by Roger Cook, the executive director of events for the organization. We loved watching this director consider ideas, abandon ideas for better ones and guide our team's direction. A first for our team as well as Children's Miracle Network, much of the design work for the brand activations was experimental. This included a life-size cross stitch activation of one of the champions, Isabella, a 16’ wide coloring book and more. However, they proved to be successful in not just raising funds for Children’s hospitals, but also inspiring hope and empathy for all those involved. To say that we are honored to be partnered with this organization is a huge understatement. The icing on the cake? Our team got to spend quality time with this year’s Children’s Miracle Network champions.


That's all, folks!