Online Events- What to Consider Prior to the Show

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Online Events- What to Consider Prior to the Show
Written by
Cody Fraughton

When you’re looking to deliver your important messages and content to an online audience, here are some important elements to address.

How will I know if taking my event online is the right option for my company?

A live experience will always be most impactful for your attendees; however, when budgets are especially tight, online events are the next best thing for communicating your message. And during times of pandemic and travel restrictions, going online is an effective solution.

When should I start pre-production for an online event?

The truth is, the successful execution of an online event can be even more intricate than a live program. Our experience is the pre-production timelines are very similar in either case. It takes time to produce an effective online show.

What is the best way to keep on-line viewers engaged?

In one sense, it’s similar to an in-person audience. Presenters are delivering to a wide audience, but the camera allows for one-on-one communication, as it were. The most effective presenters are interesting and have polished their presentation through rehearsal. Look for ways to make the presentation interactive, such as online polling, real-time chat and feedback features, and simple, impactful, supporting visual content.

What is the best platform to use?

The best platform for your meeting depends on the meeting’s purpose. For some events, simply streaming on the company website may be adequate. However, we’ve found that customizing a platform and/or website specifically tailored to an event allows companies to amplify their brand experience in a myriad of ways.

How can Cornerstone help?

Although virtual/online events became a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic, Cornerstone has been pioneering their expertise for a full decade prior to 2020. We know all the options and best practices that will make your online event a rousing success. Whether it’s implementing an intuitive attendee chat feature, or creating a rich, vibrant, virtual environment for online attendees to explore, Cornerstone has the capabilities and experience to expertly deliver on your specific needs.

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